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TNF India - West organises a session on Predictive Supply Chain

Published on July 20, 2018

TNF India - West conducted a session to deliberate the supply chain strategies adopted by companies to meet challenges of the future. Titled ‘Predictive Supply Chain’, the meeting was held on July 13, 2018, and was hosted by Tata Motors at its Lake house facility in Pune. The event drew over 50 participants from 18 Tata group companies and had presenters from Tata Motors, SAP, McKinsey & Co. and Tata Business Excellence Group.

Shreyas Desai, Deputy General Manager, Tata Business Excellence Group (TBExG), and TNF - West co-ordinator, welcomed the delegates. Mr Desai threw light on how TNFs are facilitating increased collaboration and learning within the group companies.

R Mukundan, MD & CEO, Tata Chemicals, and Chairman of TNF India - West, joined the session through video conferencing, and spoke about the importance of analytics and predictive capabilities for today’s businesses.

The first presentation was on ‘Automotive Time to Market’ wherein Thomas Flack, Chief Procurement Officer, Tata Motors, spoke about the complexities of the supply chain for automotive industry. Underscoring the importance of being in the market on time, he threw light on how Tata Motors was collaborating with OEMs to ensure seamless experience through analytics and systems.

The second session of the day, titled ‘India Supply Chain of 2030’, was presented by Neeraj Athalye, Vice President - Innovation and Digital Business, SAP, South Asia, in which hethrew light on macro-economic factors of India along with mega trends affecting the supply chain paradigm. He then shared detailed insights on how solutions have been developed across each of these mega trends and how technology and correct usage of data is helping to alleviate supply chain challenges.

Dr K Ganesh, Global Senior KN Manager – Supply Chain Management, McKinsey & Co., then took participants through a session on ‘Digital and Predictive Supply Chain’. He providing examples of companies which had used innovative digital approaches to solve supply chain problems with a focus on intelligent warehousing and packaging, knowledge work automation, dynamic logistics and network, and predictive and real time planning.

Then, Devraj Chattaraj, Deputy General Manager, TBExG, exhorted the audience about leveraging Tata group’s APQC membership to garner information about supply chain such as benchmarking, identifying key measures, etc.    

Sanjeev Singh, Assistant Vice President, TBExG, delivering the closing address, summarised the overall session and thanked the speakers for their participation.




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- Satyarath Gupta ( Tata Consultancy Services )