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TBExG organises a BE Heads Meet for companies in India-East and SEA

Published on January 20, 2017

Tata Business Excellence Group (TBExG) organised a regional meeting of Business Excellence (BE) heads in Jamshedpur on January 16, 2017. This was the fourth BE heads meet in India-East and ninth overall, since the inception of BE Heads Forum in 2015.

The session was attended by more than 15 BE heads and representatives of various companies located in India-East and South-East Asia region. While most of the participants were from Tata Steel and its subsidiaries and associate companies, representatives of companies based in the South-East Asia region such as Natsteel, Tata Steel Thailand and Tata NYK Singapore also participated through video conferencing. The meeting was presided by NK Sharan, Vice President, TBExG.

This meet was organised to assist and enable the BE heads in advancing the business excellence journey of their respective companies. The BE plan and the role of BE heads comprised a major part of the discussions.

The session started with an update on BE head forums outcomes by Sayantan Roy, Consultant, TBExG, followed by Subhrajit Basu, Senior Consultant, TBExG, reflecting on the engagement levels of the participating companies in various group BE initiatives and how they can be further leveraged. Various actionables that can enable the companies further in their BE journey were identified and deliberated. Some amongst these were creation of an assessor base in each company and implementation of Best Practices, which would help the company in BE culture creation.

Next, Saurav Chakrabarti, General Manager, TBExG, briefed the audience through video conferencing about the new BEBP compliance statement, providing BE Heads with more clarity on assessment related compliance requirements.

In the next session, Mr Sharan threw light on the objective of the BE plan in every organisation and also reflected on the importance of a governance system for making them successful. The concept of a BE plan for each Tata company was initiated in Q1FY17 to bring about a structured planning and implementation of BE initiatives.

Next up was an interesting session by the BE heads of various companies, wherein Prabhat Sinha, BE Head, Tata Tinplate; Somnath Raghavan, BE Head, Tata Sponge; and Santoshi, BE Head, JAMIPOL, presented the BE plans of their respective companies in detail and explained its implementation status.

The last session of the day witnessed participants conversing on the topic of ‘what should be a BE Heads role’ and how can they contribute further to the success of the organisation. Mukesh Prasad, BE head, Tata Steel, echoed the importance of an organisational process improvement framework. He highlighted that BE heads can contribute to process improvement through creation and management of improvement framework and being part of improvement teams. At the end of the discussion, a draft version of the role of BE heads was circulated and was highly appreciated.

The highly engaging discussions were also supported by Sanjeev Singh, Assistant Vice President, TBExG. The meeting concluded with Mr Sharan thanking the participants for their continued support to the BE heads community.