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Tata Coffee participates in TBExG’s Safety Coordinators Certification Workshop

Published on October 29, 2019

Tata Coffee has established systems and processes to address its most significant hazards of man-animal conflicts and working at heights during the pepper picking activity. To ensure the safety of the people involved in the activity, it has established several lines of defence and control.

The company is embarking on an effort towards building a network of safety coordinators across the company. To provide these coordinators with an understanding of their role, a two-day certification workshop was conducted by TBExG at Pollibetta, Karnataka, on October 15 and 16, 2019. Twenty-nine participants including senior managers, assistant managers and managers from various coffee and tea estates as well as Instant Coffee Division factories attended the session. The workshop focused on the participants’ role as safety coordinators and connected their safety efforts with Tata Coffee’s safety values. The programmes also raised their level of understanding of the Tata safety standards and emphasised the need for reporting, investigation and learning.

TBExG facilitated several training interventions including pre-work, building lines of defences to existing hazards, gamification, group exercises, practical safety rounds, and technical inputs.

The workshop ended with a re-emphasis on the Personal Safety Action Plans by the participants, which will be reviewed by the management. It recorded a high net promoter score of 75.

Participant speak

Everything was well planned and informative

Such programmes should be conducted frequently so that we can enhance our knowledge and safety and for better reporting as well

I will improve my safety rounds I will be a role model as a safety coordinator and encourage people for reporting more observations

I am going to take safety rounds immediately after going to office and closing the observations ASAP, training all others at office



Recent Comments

Thanks Gautam & Sanjay for the excellent co-creation of this certification workshop and it was effective because it aptly designed and included the use of technology and was engaging for the participation. Appreciate the efforts. Regards, Ravi Dhapola

- Ravindra Dhapola ( Tata Coffee )

Keep the spirit...Good job in Safety

- shyamal kumar samanchi ( Tata Advanced Systems )