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150+ experienced TBEM assessors aim to scale-up their skills through EAP 2020

Published on April 08, 2020

The 2020 TBEM assessment aims to deliver 'customised, collaborative and celebrated' results. As part of the efforts towards meeting this objective, Tata Business Excellence Group (TBExG) brings together high-performing assessors for the Experienced Assessor Programmes (EAP).

The inaugural batch of EAP2020 was facilitated by M K Nagabhushan, Vice President, TBExG on April 3, 2020. The ongoing situation due to the COVID-19 pandemic across the world necessitated the 6 set of programmes to be converted from classroom to online sessions. The pedagogy was carefully redesigned to ensure maximum learning through collaborative efforts of leveraging preview videos, self-paced modules and interactive sessions through the WebEx platform.

EAP has always been a popular programme among assessors. The programme's primary purpose is to appreciate the changes in the TBEM criteria, reflecting on the past assessments, and experimentations in the assessment process. It also serves as an avenue to prepare for the next cycle by deliberating on specific nuances of the assessment process, to deliver superior value. The learning theme for this year is 3Cs — customise, collaborate, and celebrate. The learning agenda has been synced to bring in greater focus on a company’s business.

Apart from the preview videos on a) Changes in TBEM criteria b) Data led assessments and a self-paced module on Site Visit interactions, the agenda for the EAP programmes includes the following learning areas -

  • Reflection 2019 assessments and key changes
  • Changes in TBEM Criteria and assessment process
  • Creating the Line of Inquiry – focusing on sharpening the initial hypothesis
  • Painting the Pigeons’ beaks – effective articulation and communication of assessment findings

Like last year, the EAP Plus programme has been designed for assessors who have participated in a minimum of five TBEM external assessments. The learning agenda for EAP Plus includes key areas like assessing financial fitness and organisation culture, incorporated for deliberation and common understanding.

The initial set of feedback from participants has been encouraging, especially when the redesign was swiftly made to deliver the programmes in an online mode without compromising on the purpose and agenda.

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