Customer Testimonials

The BE Practitioners' Workshop was indeed a well conceived programme. It helped our team members understand the TBEM model in a structured way. It provided greater insights to our experienced members, who had worked with the model and how it links the entire organisation and its processes towards excellence. Their ability to appreciate the model, how to respond to criteria questions in the application and what to expect during a site visit were enhanced and most importantly, they could understand how the model impacts the organisation, their work area and finally themselves! The faculty was able to engage the audience through interactive sessions and meaningful team exercises. I intend to make this an annual event to keep the momentum going.”- .

Deepak P Kamath
Senior General Manager (Support Services), JUSCO Ltd

Thank you for facilitating the three-day BE Practitioners Programme at our plant in Joda and in particular, Sanjeev, for adeptly conducting the same. As per the programme structure, we had nominated heads of departments and second-in-commands who were required to drive business excellence in their respective departments and did not have a formal exposure to BELP. The participants felt that the programme was meticulously designed and well paced for three days.

R Somnath
Chief Strategy & Business Excellence, Tata Sponge Iron Ltd

The training programme was fantastic. Everything I learned, like identifying KBFs, assessment processes, linkages with other chapters and particularly the live demonstration of site visits, was extremely helpful and practical. I will definitely recommend the programme to every TAS employee who wants to take their company to new heights.”

A H Khan
Tata Pigments

Thank you for the great three-day workshop at ISWP. It was very informative, well presented and enjoyable. The team has learnt much from your training that will assist in the business excellence journey.

Rakesh Babu
Indian Steel and Wire Products

Thanks to TBExG for making the programme quite engaging and interesting to the participants. This exceeded my expectation.

Sabyasachi Mishra
Tata International (for BE Practitioners Programme)

Many thanks for coming to Schaumburg and leading a delightful TBEM awareness programme. You were fully prepared, remembered our participants names, made the long meetings fun and interactive. Most of our employees are new and not fully exposed to TBEM. This was a big eye opener for TBEM and many sceptics are won over. You encouraged discussions, yet didn’t let the arguments fester and hinder the pace and energy of the meeting. After the meeting, many of our co-workers came to me and made positive comments, regarding the TBEM process and you facilitating the meeting. A big job well done.

Murat Askin
Tata International

Thank you for a wonderful learning session during the Business Excellence Leadership Programme (BELP). I found that the BELP was enriched with many unique practices that makes it very effective over and above other programmes that I have attended. The KBF selection criteria — Impact on business/Can it help draft a comment — is a good practice and I wish that I had known it earlier.

Sachin Garg
Head – Strategy & Business Excellence (CQH)

The Experienced Assessor Programme (EAP) 2015 has been a great experience. I was thrilled with the insights from this programme. For example, I never knew that the Deputy Lead (DL) was supposed to push the assessment team members.

Bhavin Shukla