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Webinar on Croma’s NPS journey

Published on August 01, 2021

In an insightful EDGE webinar on July 28, 2021, titled 'Best Practice implementation on Net Promoter Score (NPS)', Shivmangal Barai, Head of Customer Service, Infiniti Retail (Croma), narrated the story of how the retail giant transformed its NPS survey collection and management framework.

Mr Barai started by explaining how Croma collected and recorded responses on NPS surveys through telephone calls between April 2015 and early 2019. A TBEM assessment highlighted in June the same year that its survey numbers were low. Accordingly, from December 2019 till Feb 2020, with TBExG's support, it interacted with various organisations within the Tata ecosystem to find out how it could improve its NPS game. After assimilating the learning from the interactions, Croma introduced a digital framework for conducting the NPS surveys in December 2020.

The improved framework mandated many shifts in implementing the NPS survey activity. Accordingly, NPS was aligned with employees' balanced scorecard. A culture of NPS was created through regular interactions between key people within the leadership, and store staff was sensitised about the activity by the customer service team.

The digital NPS framework has ushered in many benefits. The number of respondents per month has increased from 8,000-10,000 to 35,000-38,000. Out of 300,000 in-store purchase invoices keyed into the NPS system, over 16% have responded. Similarly, 14-15% of customers who have transacted over the online channels have participated in the NPS survey.

Mr Barai further dwelt upon the future roadmap when he said Croma is evaluating sending survey links to customers over WhatsApp rather than over SMS, which can further improve the response rates by 7-8%.