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TM International Logistics benefits from Voltas’ R&R programme

Published on March 26, 2021

Tata Martrade International Logistics (TMILL) is moving towards benchmarking its employee engagement practices. As part of its efforts to improve its rewards & recognition programme, the company expressed interest in knowing more about ‘High5’ – the recognition and appreciation programme at Voltas.

On February 25, 2020, Tata Business Excellence Group (TBExG) facilitated a best practice sharing session in which Eras Lodhi, Corporate HR Head, Voltas, showcased the salient features of the High5 practice.

Voltas launched the High5 recognition and appreciation initiative in March 2016 (pan India + overseas) with a focus on the ‘special praise on time (SPOT)’ category which was intended to celebrate and recognise exemplary performance of employees – whenever and wherever it happens. The SPOT recognition category is applicable for all employees (on roll and off roll) and focuses on managers, team members and peer-to-peer recognition.

The overall objective of the High5 R&R initiative is to recognise desired work behaviour, appreciate efforts, recognise exceptional work performance, provide timely recognition to employees, and identify star performers.

Employees are awarded based on the following categories:

  1. SPOT: To recognise exemplary efforts, results/achievements and exemplary behaviour of employees and motivate them to do better at the workplace and strive harder to achieve organisation goals
  2. Best and inspiring V-CAS manager: To recognise the efforts of managers who put in additional efforts towards enhancing the engagement quotient of their team and building an engagement culture at the workplace
  3. Outstanding contribution towards CSR: To recognise the efforts of the employees who dedicate additional time, contributing towards societal development and volunteering for a social cause
  4. Internal SMEs: To enable a culture of continuous learning and encourage internal trainers or subject matter experts (SMEs), a need was felt to recognise their contribution through a reward & recognition scheme

TMILL found the learnings from the session extremely useful and will explore the feasibility of incorporating some details from the High5 programme while improvising their existing R&R practices.

Participant Speak

The level of expertise and knowledge brought in for the session significantly contributed to our exercise. In addition, I appreciate the encouraging attitude of Voltas and their willingness to explain details.

Sonal Jangir, Manager, Corporate Strategy and Business Excellence, TMILL