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Titan, Tata Chemicals and Rallis improve NPS processes through best practice sharing

Published on October 21, 2020

Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a tool for measuring customer experience. In November 2019, Tata Business Excellence Group had conducted a process benchmarking study on NPS with 28 Tata companies. Based on the findings of that study, several companies expressed a desire to improve their NPS processes. Accordingly, TBExG facilitated a series of best-practice sharing sessions, where members of Tata Steel, AirAsia India and Tata Sky shared valuable insights from their respective practices with Titan, Tata Chemicals and Rallis.

Titan’s interactions with AirAsia India

Titan has adopted NPS as a critical tool to improve business processes based on customer feedback. The company was specifically looking for insights on the tools that other companies in the Tata fold were deploying for NPS, including:

  • Text analytics
  • Sampling methodology
  • Sharing of insights generated
  • Engagement practices for promoters, detractors, and passives
  • Improvements

In a session held on 29 May 2020, Santosh Chand, Head - Customer Happiness, AirAsia India and Disha Bhatnagar, Head - Strategy and Insights from AirAsia, outlined the company’s experiences with NPS over the past five years. Air Asia uses NPS for the entire customer service cycle, starting from site navigation to completion of travel. It has set in place a three-tier structure headed by the CEO to drive ‘customer obsession’ and NPS across the organisation.

During the session, members from AirAsia elaborated on:

  • Use of customer journey maps to identify NPS at every customer touchpoint
  • Tags to get a granular view of customer feedback
  • Use of machine learning and Google sentiment analysis to analyse open-ended feedback
  • Live dashboards
  • Improvement projects
  • Detractor management
  • Building of an NPS culture

Over 30 members from Titan, including business heads, brand managers, CRM managers and analytics experts from several business lines -- Jewellery (Tanishq and Mia), Watches and Wearables, Taneria, Helios, Eyeplus and Fragrances -- attended the session. The members found the session stimulating, with many calling it a perfect 10 in NPS terms.

Titan, Tata Chemicals and Rallis engage with Tata Sky

On July 24, 2020, Ashwani Kukreja, General Manager, Consumer Planning & Research, Tata Sky, conducted a session on the company’s NPS practice for over 20 attendees, mostly Titan employees, along with a few members from Tata Chemicals and Rallis.

Mr Kukreja explained Tata Sky’s NPS journey in detail. He spoke about how the company collects feedback and acts on it. He also elaborated on the associated IT systems and stakeholders involved in the execution of the process.

Titan and Tata Sky interacted again on August 27, 2020, where Yashwanth Kumar, Head of Analytics and Insight at Titan, and his associate Santosh Vuppala, Senior Manager, Analytics, engaged with Tata Sky to share insights on:

  • Text and sentiment analytics
  • Driver analysis
  • Predictive NPS
  • Conversion of regional NPS data for text analytics

With a deeper understanding of the subject, Titan is now aiming to upgrade its existing processes. It is now confident of a visible improvement in its NPS scores.

Tata Sky too is using its learnings to develop new models for text analytics.

Tata Steel interacts with Tata Chemicals and Rallis

Tata Chemicals and Rallis were keen to understand some of Tata Steel’s processes on NPS, such as:

  • Reaching out to a large customer sample size
  • Mechanism to include channel partners to capture NPS in a cost-effective manner
  • Designing and administering NPS surveys to get a higher response rate
  • Linking NPS with other business metrics
  • Integrating NPS feedback into both strategic and operational action planning

Accordingly, on July 10, 2020, Kandarp Chaturvedi, Regional Head, Tata Steel, conducted a session on NPS practices with participants from Tata Chemicals and Rallis. Fifteen participants attended the session, including Shohab Rais, COO, Indian Chemicals Business, Tata Chemicals, and S Nagarajan, COO, Rallis.

Mr Chaturvedi spoke about the evolution of Tata Steel’s NPS framework, with emphasis on questionnaires, use of Voice of Customer for decision-making, and dashboards.

Based on these interactions, Tata Chemicals and Rallis are exploring ways to upgrade their existing NPS processes.

Participant speak

The interaction with AirAsia India helped us gain a clear understanding of how NPS was being used to measure customer experience. The critical takeaways were in implementation of the real-time dashboard, tagging of issues to specific departments, and fixation of accountability of each department for making the desired process improvements.
We thank TBExG for enabling the engagement.

— Bhavita, Senior Manager, CRM, Titan

The session was useful and reinforced that the customers’ willingness to recommend is perhaps the strongest sign of their engagement and loyalty. It is critical to use in conjunction with detailed customer satisfaction studies to understand the competitive position for strengthening our ability to provide value to customers in the long run

— Shohab Rais, COO, Indian Chemicals Business, Tata Chemicals (Vistara)

The engagement helped clarify the utility of ‘strategic’ NPS as opposed to ‘transactional’ level NPS. It has reinforced our need for better integration of the NPS findings with our product management and other actions — an area we are now strengthening.

— Ashwani Kukreja, General Manager, Consumer Planning & Research, Tata Sky