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TCS shares Agile Methodology practices with Tata Communications and Tata Steel Europe

Published on June 23, 2020

In an EPIC best practice sharing session on May 14, 2020, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) shared its practice on Agile Methodology with Tata Communications (TCL). The session had over 30 attendees including product owners and functional heads from TCL.

Priti Vyas - Agile DevOps Head - Communication & Media Information Services Group & Unit Agile Leader, and Mohammed Musthafa Soukath Ali, Head - Strategic Initiative and Agile Practitioner, from TCS, shared the TCS enterprise agile journey and associated payoffs with agile implementation. Additionally, they discussed nuances of implementing Agile with the participants, highlighting examples from Telcos. An agile operating model and case studies of agile implementation in Telecom companies was also presented.

In another EPIC session on May 15, 2020, Mr Ali shared an overview of the TCS enterprise agile journey with Tata Steel Europe (TSE). In his presentation, Mr Ali elaborated on the what and how of Agile implementation at TCS, importance of culture and mindset change, TCS post agile implementation and how the agile TCS workforce was able to seamlessly transition to work from home during Covid 19.

Both TCL and TSE found the interactions extremely useful and now look forward to connecting with TCS on specific areas.

Participant Speak

Special thanks to TBExG for arranging this session with TCS. There has been positive feedback from TCL participants, and we look forward to benefitting from such engagements in future as well.

—  Suresh Gupta, Vice President, Tata Communications

Thank you very much for organising the session. It was inspiring to hear TCS’s perspective on an Agile journey. The scale at which this is implemented is impressive, and the approach taken and activities done can really be a learning within the Tata Group. We are in the middle of designing a roll out of Lean and Agile into our business. We are in the middle of the process for creating the learning journey for specific roles, and are looking for ways to monitor and discuss progress at the company level.

—  Matthé de Vent - Transformation Program, New Way of Working, OPS2, Tata Steel Europe

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