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mjunction benefits from connecting with Tata Power, Tata Technologies and IHCL in strategic planning, deployment and market insights

Published on September 08, 2020

mjunction operates in a complex and diverse B2B e-com domain, which covers both sides of the supply chain. On the one hand, it has customers with dynamic requirements, and on the other, an addressable market flooded with domestic low-cost operators and global competitors. Within mjunction there are more than 10 businesses which can be segmented into four types, offering multiple services to their respective customers. The services are diverse, with widely varying competitors and an unregulated market.

mjunction was desirous of gaining knowledge of the practices of Tata companies in the area of strategy and competitive intelligence. Accordingly, Tata Business Excellence Group organised two EPIC sessions on strategy with Tata Power and Indian Hotels (IHCL) and another session with Tata Technologies (TTL) on market insights, for mjunction.

Over 40 people from mjunction, drawn from the middle and senior management, interacted with Tata Power and IHCL. A team from BE and Strategy attended the session with TTL.

Tata Power: Strategic planning and deployment

On June 30, 2020, Joydip Roy (Head - Strategy, CP and Biz Collaboration, Tata Power) provided details of the company’s practice of strategic planning and deployment.

mjunction grasped the following concepts:

  • Daily market dashboard to capture external information
  • Strategy deployment tools
  • The depth of the review structure and automation of data dashboards
  • Cluster workshops as a run-up to a strategy workshop
  • Linking of projects with a strategic plan

IHCL: Strategic planning and risk management

On August 7, 2020, Veetika Deoras, Vice President - Strategy and Brands, along with her colleagues Shenaya Jambusarwala, Associate Vice President - Career & Performance Management and Internal Communications, and Jithin Prakash, Associate Vice President, MD's office, shared their strategy plan for 2022. The 'journey from adoption to execution' explained how they are dealing with the unprecedented crisis of Covid-19 with resilience and agility. During the session, IHCL shared its new approach called 'stragility' (strategy + agility), designed to keep the organisation afloat in these challenging times.

mjunction gained knowledge on the following subjects:

  • Use of communication for effective implementation of strategy; sensitising people within the organisation towards a common goal
  • IHCL’s operational scale and how it deploys communication to stitch the whole organisational fabric together
  • Structured review mechanism

Tata Technologies: Market insights programme

On August 20, 2020, Santosh Singh, SVP & Global Head - Marketing & Business Excellence, along with Sujeesh Nair, Global Lead - VOC & Customer Insights, and Hardik Rami, Lead TBEM, from TTL, shared their market insights and competitive intelligence programme with mjunction.

At TTL, ‘market insights’ is an internal market intelligence programme aimed at delivering actionable insights daily across its industry, key customers, and competitors to key stakeholders within the organisation. As a part of the programme, the marketing team has developed an AI-based framework to capture important news and reports generated across various platforms over the internet. The reports are delivered every second day in a reusable newsletter format. The information is also available in an online SharePoint application, where sales and delivery teams can gather account intelligence and competitor activity. Employees can also download customised insights in an easy-to-consume PDF format. The programme has seen high traction across the organisation and received great feedback with a top-2 box score of 93%.

mjunction now plans to develop a similar portal which can capture market information (customer, competition, industry, economy) and provide insights for strategic decision making.

Participant speak

The EPIC sessions were great learning experiences. We thank TBExG for organising the sessions, thereby providing us with learning opportunities.

—  Suvajit Chakraborty, Head - Corporate Strategy and Business Excellence, mjunction

About the EPIC Programme
EPIC (Excellence Practice Implementation Champion) carries forward the Tata Best Practices programme by helping companies adopt best practices from the group through a structured collaborative process, under the guidance of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) from the Best Practice organisations. EPIC is a platform that brings together the provider and the receiver companies together to enable successful adaptation and implementation of best practices.