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Tata Power Delhi Distribution adopts Tata Sky’s practice of Automating Supply Chain

Published on November 05, 2019

Companies today want to automate their supply chain to enable planning, monitoring, and quick response to ever-changing market conditions. Tata Power Delhi Distribution (Tata Power-DDL), while searching for best practices in supply chain, learnt about the practice of ’Automating Supply Chain’ from  Tata Sky, published on the EDGE portal. To provide Tata Power-DDL with better understanding of the practice, TBExG facilitated a series of discussions between the subject matter experts from Tata Sky and the process owners of Tata Power-DDL.

After several rounds of virtual interactions, a 10-member delegation from Tata Power-DDL visited the Tata Sky warehouse in Delhi on September 26, 2019, to observe how Tata Sky went about automating its e-way bill generation, challenges faced, and vendors enlisted for the purpose. Tata Power-DDL exhibited keenness to know more about demand planning tool, automation of supply chain management scorecard, and use of BOT’s for repetitive tasks such as GRN preparation. The two teams also deliberated on ways to digitise the process of material return.

Based on the learning from Tata Sky the Material Management Group, IT team of Tata Power-DDL developed “Go Live: System for Enabling e-way Bill Generation in Bulk”. The “Go Live” tool is now operational and not only helps Tata Power-DDL save 17.5 man-hours per day but also minimises rework and paper usage.

Process owner speak

"Enabling e-way Bill Generation in Bulk” has not only ensured compliance to statutory provisions but also facilitated enhanced level of automation and digitisation which has further resulted into improved level of resource, process and quality management and employee engagement.

Y S Butola
Head, Contract & Stores, Tata Power-DDL