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Tata Capital shares its best practices on customer focus and organisational culture with Tata Power and Tata Steel

Published on November 28, 2019

Tata Power, with its unwavering focus on its customers, wanted to improve the way they identify operational gaps and understand customer issues through multiple customer interactions. The company came across a practice called ‘Hear the Customer - Block an hour’ by Tata Capital and wanted to know about the practice in detail. To facilitate knowledge exchange between the two companies, Tata Business Excellence Group (TBExG) organised a Best Practice sharing session under the umbrella of Excellence Practice Implementation Champion (EPIC) programme. Likewise, Tata Steel had reached out to Tata Capital to understand their process of culture building. TBExG, in the month of September 2019, arranged an EPIC session in which Tata Steel could learn in detail from the practice of organisational culture building at Tata Capital.

Hear the Customer - Block an hour at Tata Capital

Tata Power has a dedicated call centre to support over seven lakh customers in Mumbai. While its quality team monitors the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of its call centre, the company felt the need to improve the interface between its back-end and front-end teams.

In an EPIC session, in September 2019, Rajesh Kumar, Head, Customer Service Consumer Finance & Advisory Business, Tata Capital, shared details of the practice with the Tata Power team.

As a practice, Tata Capital records all customer calls, which allow its middle and senior management to access the call recordings later. Apart from this, they also have the option of listening to customer interactions live. This approach helps the senior management team to not only identify process gaps but also know real customer issues. Tata Power has taken the learning in detail and will reach out to Tata Capital again once it plans to design a similar feature for its distribution business.

Organisational Culture Building at Tata Capital

To keep itself abreast with the changing world, Tata Steel is conducting a study on how different Tata companies are driving desired cultural priorities in the organisation. In line with the above objective, the Human Resource Management (HRM) team of Tata Steel engaged in an EPIC Best Practice sharing session on understanding different elements of building an organisational culture with Tata Capital. Uttam Soni, Head - Business Excellence & Office of Strategy, Tata Capital, shared the practices in September 2019.

Mr Soni, during the EPIC session, shared in-depth information about Tata Capital’s journey of building a robust organisational culture. Tata Steel took away key learnings on the process of identifying the cultural traits; linkages with purpose and vision; establishing simple definitions and measuring points for the same; and engagement and involvement of the employees throughout the organisation.

Participant Speak (Tata Capital-Tata Steel EPIC programme)

Our sincere gratitude to Mr Uttam Soni for sharing the cultural transformation journey of Tata Capital, passionately and lucidly. The session was very informative and interactive with practical examples and dos & don’ts. We are looking forward to more such learning experiences.”
Nidhi Basu - HRM Strategy, Tata Steel

About the EPIC Programme

EPIC (Excellence Practice Implementation Champion) carries forward the Tata Best Practices Programme by helping companies adapt best practices from the group through a structured collaborative process, under the guidance of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) from Best Practice organisations. EPIC is a platform that brings together the provider and the receiver companies together to enable successful adaptation and implementation of best practices.