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Tata AIG picks up learning and development practices from Tata SIA Airlines

Published on October 06, 2020

On September 3, 2020, in a TBExG-facilitated best practices sharing session, Tata SIA Airlines (Vistara), shared its customer-centric L&D practices across ground services, cabin services and customer engagement with Tata AIG. This session was attended by over 50 employees across the two companies and TBExG. While both companies are different in their respective line of business, Tata AIG was keen to understand the overall L&D approach at Vistara, gain an insight into unique learning practices adopted for various external and internal customer-facing teams and explore feasibility of implementing these learnings in context of their business need.

The seven-member team from Vistara that shared their respective practices were led by Deepa Chadha, SVP HR & Corporate Affairs. In her address, Ms Chadha, gave an insight into the origin of Vistara, and highlighted its customer-centric attributes which make it best-in-class. Thereafter, Pankaj Handa, Head - Ground Services; Nikhil Pandey, Head - Ground Services, Hub Operations; and Burges Daruwalla, Lead Airport Services Training, shared key features of their ‘Vistara Ground Operations Training (V-GOT)’. Through this, Vistara trains over 2,000 employees for both domestic as well as international network.

In the next session, the Cabin Services team shared its ‘4P approach to success’. The 4Ps stand for people (Vistara staff possessing local and overseas experience), Place (culture built empathy and respect, open door policy and ethics), Process (meticulous hiring and training practices), and Platforms (training, innovation, motivation, engagement). In the last session on customer engagement, Sonia Bhardwaj, Head - Customer Engagement; and Jyoti Dhingra, Head - Contact Center, talked about the key attributes of the ‘Service Excellence Philosophy’ of Vistara (how to make the customer experience seamless, personalised and intuitively thoughtful). They also elaborated on how the airline endeavours to create a lasting impression on its customers using its people, processes, and systems.

Tata AIG found the learnings from the session extremely useful. While Tata AIG has been measuring training programme impact, the company acquired a fresh perspective on how to further enhance training effectiveness by identifying key behaviours that need to be impacted and by creating objective matrices around those. Enhanced stakeholder connects and habit-forming practices as part of programme reinforcement were other practices that Tata AIG plans to take away from this best practice sharing session. The team from Vistara was extremely delighted at the prospect of sharing their learnings with a group company and is open to the idea of engaging further with Tata AIG on the topic.

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The highly engaging and insightful best practices sharing session with Vistara, anchored by TBExG, presented many practices that are worth emulating. An agile and outcome-oriented L&D focus, coupled with the ability to leverage interdepartmental synergies to positively impact customer experience, came across as Vistara’s core strengths. It was impressive to witness all Vistara team members echo their ‘pride in the brand’ in unison, through their conviction in their evolved employee and customer practices. We would like to thank the Vistara team for sharing these deep insights and the TBExG team for adding value to the overall experience

— Hemant Gandhe, VP & National Head - L&D and Talent Management, Tata AIG General Insurance Company

It was a pleasure to host Tata AIG for a best practices showcase about Vistara’s customer-centric practices and how Vistara develops a customer-centric culture through training and ongoing performance support. Their deep interest in learning how others are doing it and to explore opportunities of implementation has been highly appreciated in Vistara and Vistara’s subject matter experts truly enjoyed presenting to a rich, diverse, and enthusiastic Tata AIG delegation. We look forward to continuing this synergy and would be happy to provide any support Tata AIG may require in replicating any of Vistara’s best practices.

— Deepa Chadha, SVP HR & Corporate Affairs, Tata SIA Airlines (Vistara)