EDGE Webinars

Conducted every week, EDGE webinars feature discussions, speeches and deliberations on subjects of importance to Tata companies ranging from safety, operations excellence, business excellence, change management, project management, etc.

The best practices team follows a webinar cycle for each month, which includes one Leadership Series webinar by an MD of a Tata company, one Global SME Series webinar by a non-Tata leader, and two webinars covering best practices in Tata companies. Special series of webinars are also conducted for specific areas relevant to group companies, which include TBEM Assessment, Sustainability, Tata Affirmative Action Program (TAAP) and Customer Excellence.

Besides subject matter experts from within the Tata group, TBExG also conducts webinars with the help of non-Tata organisations like Bain, E&Y, American Productivity & Quality Center (APQC) and American Society for Quality (ASQ), on a variety of subjects that are of interest to Tata companies.