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Tata Education Excellence Programme awards presented

Published on May 06, 2016

Tata Education Excellence Programme’s (TEEP) award function was organised on May 3, 2016, at the Beldih Club in Jamshedpur. Sunil Bhaskaran, Vice-President, Corporate Services, Tata Steel and Chairman, TEEP, was the chief guest on the occasion.


Awards for the year 2014-15 were given away by Sunil Bhaskaran; N K Sharan, Vice President,Tata Business Excellence Group (TBExG); Tarun Daga, MD, TCIL; and TEEP Executive Committee Members Alok Krishna, Chief, TQM, Tata Steel; and Ruchi Narendran, Chairperson, JEM Foundation.

A total of 54 schools participated in the TEEP in the year 2015-16 under Saral, Basic and Regular programmes. Most of these schools also participated in other TEEP initiatives such as EQUIP (Educational Quality Improvement Projects), INNOTEACHING (papers on innovative teaching methods by teachers), PANKH (student led improvement stories) and PEARL (best practice sharing).

TEEP Regular

With an objective to ensure that those schools get more time to focus on improvement initiatives, it was recommended by the TEEP Executive Committee that regular assessments would take place once in a block of two years instead of every year.

During the intervening year, schools will undergo a Dip Check. This was unanimously accepted by the principals of the TEEP programme. Schools’ participation in other improvement initiatives (EQUIP, PANKH, INNOTEACHING, PEARL & CPP) continues as before.

Consequently, 13 schools participated in the comprehensive regular assessment in 2015-16. Eight schools participated in the Dip Check Assessment. A Dip Check ensures that schools continue the momentum of excellence and focus on improvement.

All the 21 schools will receive commendation awards as well as Certificates of participation next year at the end of the two year assessment cycle. Sixty-four trained assessors including principals and teachers guided by two mentors carried out the comprehensive task of assessing these schools and 11 trained assessors conducted the Dip Check Assessment.

TEEP Basic

Eleven schools had undertaken assessment under the TEEP-Basic programme in the current year. Two schools received commendation awards at the awards function and nine schools were given certificates of participation. Twenty-three trained assessors carried out the assessment of these schools.

TEEP Saral

The Saral programme was initiated for the first time in 2014 to cater to schools for the underprivileged. Twenty-two schools had undertaken an assessment under the TEEP-Saral programme in the current year. Four schools received commendation awards at the awards function and 18 schools received certificates of participation. Forty-three assessors carried out the assessment of these schools.

Improvement initiatives

Schools were also recognised for their improvement initiatives. The schools were awarded for their EQUIP this year. Out of 58 EQUIPs received from various schools, eight were recognised at the award function.

Another category of recognition was PEARL or school’s good practices. Of the 99 promising practices identified by the assessment teams, four were recognised at the award function.

Under INNOTEACHING, papers are submitted by teachers on improvements and innovations implemented by them in the teaching methods. Of the 58 INNOTEACHING papers submitted from16 schools, seven were recognised.

PANKH is an initiative for students to share their improvement stories. Thirty improvement papers were submitted from 20 schools. Four papers have been recognised.

For the first time, schools under Saral and Basic programmes participated in INNOTEACHING, PANKH and PEARL initiatives.

Assessor recognition

A total of 128 assessors, mostly principals and teachers of schools, had carried out assessments of 54 schools under the Assessment programmes - Regular, Dip Check, Basic and Saral. They received certificates for assessment.

Program function highlights

In his welcome address, Mr Sharan said that schools had different opportunities to participate in the excellence journey. He mentioned that besides regular assessment, EQUIP and PEARL, a school could also participate in INNOTEACHING and PANKH. Schools from underprivileged backgrounds can now also undertake the excellence journey through the Saral programme.

Daisy Irani, President, School Management Committee of Baug-e-Jamsheed School, released the Excellence Primer for Class V. The Excellence Primer was created by the TEEP Working Committee – Late Shireen Dotivala (Baug-E-Jamsheed School), Amy Billimoria (Tarapore School), Nandini Shukla (Kerala Samajam Model School), Sunita Sinha (Gulmohur High School) and Nargis Madon (J H Tarapore School) to help students understand the concepts of quality and excellence early in life. The Primer is dedicated to Late Shireen N Dotivala.

In his address, the chief guest lauded the initiatives taken under TEEP.

The TEEP Award programme was attended by a large number of principals, teachers and students from more than 50 schools. P Ramesh and Dr Deepali Misra from TBExG conducted the programme with support from Vidya Battiwalla.



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