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Assessors attend the TBEM Assessment Opening Webinar

Published on June 20, 2019

More than 180 assessors participating in the TBEM Assessment cycle of 2019 attended the TBEM Assessment Opening webinar on June 13, 2019. Organised by TBExG, the webinar detailed the key changes and expectations for the Assessment cycle that has just begun.

M Nagabhushan, VP, TBExG, opened the webinar by mentioning that the TBEM process has been maturing and getting customised and tailored for different requirements since the past 25 years. Adding that this process is growing from strength to strength due to the fact that it is built for the ecosystem and by the ecosystem, he highlighted that it is constantly changing to adapt with the times as well. He also said that a different approach for conducting the TBEM Assessment has been rolled out for TCS, to ensure that there is granularity, actionability and value for the company.

Crichelle Mendonca, DGM, TBExG, then took over on what the expectations and changes are for the year. With 16 Tata companies in the TBEM Assessment cycle, being assessed by 180 assessors from 53 companies, she highlighted that Applicant companies are looking for prescriptive feedback, an outside-in view and more depth in the process this year. Ms Mendonca also said that TBExG seeks to find the right balance between the two key questions that pull in opposite directors: how to optimise effort and how to improve the quality of output. Some key changes that have been effected in this assessment cycle are:

- For improving partnerships with Applicants, there is also an option for teams to have an internal member of the company to provide the Applicant company’s perspective and 8 applicants have exercised this option.
- There will be multiple technology-enabled conversations throughout the process, so that the teams can be more business oriented and move forward some of the effort from the process from site visit to during the off-site stages.
- The principle of everyone knows everything, but not everyone does everything will give teams a free hand to further redirect effort toward ensuring more depth of outcomes.
- Assessors will also have access to tools that are more user friendly and easy to use.
- Mature Applicant companies also have an option of defining the output they expect in this TBEM Assessment cycle – NERD-based or narrative based feedback and for the first time
- Teams will be able to leverage the experience a pool of assessors, who will act as a sounding board and give guidance based on vast experience.

The session ended with an interesting round of questions from the participating assessors who are all enthused to ensuring this cycle of assessments meets the ever growing customer expectations.