TBEM Assessment


Tata Business Excellence Model (TBEM) Assessment

The annual Tata Business Excellence Model (TBEM) assessment process is an integral part of organisational management practices in the Tata group. The process has been critical in strengthening the strategic and operational capabilities of Tata companies since its inception.

The TBEM assessment criteria, which is based on the Malcolm Baldrige framework, is at the heart of the business excellence assessment process. It is continually revised in response to the changing business environment, and assists companies in keeping pace with the developments and increasing competitiveness. The inclusive nature of the model, with its multi-stakeholder focus, has been enabling companies to progress on their business excellence journey over the past two decades.

During the assessment, all systems and processes of a Tata company are thoroughly checked vis-à-vis the Tata Business Excellence Model. The objective of the exercise is to ascertain the areas of strength and identify the fields where opportunities for improvement remain unaddressed.

The business excellence assessment process uses expertise within the Tata group, which is specially trained to carry out such diagnostics. Participation in the TBEM assessment has also become an aspirational accomplishment for assessors as it provides them with exposure to a wide-range of experiences which helps in their growth.

Another significant deliverable of the assessment process is the identification and spread of best practices within Tata companies. During the assessment process, the assessment team not only identifies best practices within the company, but also shares practices from other Tata companies which can help the assessee company to progress in the areas of improvement.

The assessment process comprises three important stages:

The Team

MK Nagabhushan

Vice President
Tata Business Excellence Group


Sanjeev Singh

Assistant Vice President
Tata Business Excellence Group

Subhrajit Basu

Deputy General Manager
Tata Business Excellence Group