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The fifth cycle of the Tata Affirmative Action Assessments is here

Published on February 18, 2015

Tata Quality Management Services has commenced with the Tata Affirmative Action Programme (TAAP) assessment cycle for 2015. This is the fifth year of such assessments, and will take place from February to March 2015, culminating in the TAAP Convention on April 27, 2015. The companies with the best scores will be recognised in this convention by Group Chairman, Cyrus Mistry.

Dr. NS Rajan, Member, Group Executive Council and Group Chief Human Resources Officer, Tata Sons, says, “The Tata group has always been known not only for doing good business, but for being in the business of doing good for the society. The journey on Affirmative Action undertaken by us since 2007, has seen a lot of progress but there is still much to be done. In this regard, I believe there is a very clear intent, which is evident in the manner in which our group companies whole heartedly respond to Affirmative Action. Our knowledge partnership with the Ministry of Labour and Employment will also help us go a long way. Over the next few years, our continued commitment will enable our AA journey to be more impactful in serving the disadvantaged sections of the community in a meaningful and sustainable manner.”

This year, a total of 19 Tata companies will go through the TAAP assessment cycle. According to S Padmanabhan, Executive Chairman, Tata Quality Management Services, “In light of the Tata group’s commitment to the society, inclusion of the SC/ST community is an important goal that all Tata companies are focusing on. Affirmative Action Assessments play a crucial role in ensuring that the integrity and scalability of our affirmative action initiatives is maintained, so that Tata companies can continue to create opportunities for education, employability, employment, and entrepreneurship for this community.

Tata companies undertaking Affirmative Action Assessments
1 Tata Steel 2 Tata Steel Processing and Distribution Limited
3 Tata Power Delhi Distribution Limited 4 Tata Chemicals
5 Tata Motors 6 Tata Power
7 Tata Housing 8 Indian Hotels Company Limited
9 Tata Global Beverages 10 JUSCO
11 Tata Tinplate 12 TRF
13 Rallis 14 Indian Steel and Wire Products
15 Tata Communications 16 Tata International
17 Tata Projects 18 Titan
19 Tata Capital    

The following are the 19 companies participating in the Affirmative Action assessment cycle this year:

TAAP and its origins

TAAP attempts to address the prevailing social inequalities in India by encouraging positive discrimination by Tata companies for the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes (SC/ST) communities. The group has a legacy of engagement with the disadvantaged sections of society dating back to its founding fathers, which has facilitated the adoption of this more recent attempt, adopted in 2007, to uplift the SC/ST communities in India through a policy of Affirmative Action (AA). Building on that legacy, TAAP has attempted to provide a strategic context in the areas of CSR and HR for the country’s tribals and Dalits, who are not only economically the most disadvantaged, but also face social discrimination.

To drive AA into the companies, TAAP has adopted TAAP Assessment methodology, inspired by the Tata Business Excellence Model (TBEM), which is an accepted model within the group for over two decades, and most importantly, a tried and tested model for ensuring overall business excellence.

Based on TBEM, the TAAP model involves a cycle wherein companies prepare an application about their AA activities based on a Criterion document. Trained assessors from other Tata companies assess the companies’ AA activities based on the TAAP application and on-site visits, examining the social impact of their AA initiatives. This is done on the basis of the robustness of the company’s leadership commitment to AA, their AA Strategy, and most importantly, the programmes for Dalits and Adivasis under the 4 Es (Employment, Employability, Entrepreneurship, and Education). Following this, the assessors rate the company’s AA performance (on a scale of 1000, similar to TBEM) and provide constructive feedback to the company. Companies with the best ratings and best practices are recognised by the Group Chairman at the AA Convention held every year. This yearly cycle of Application-Assessment-Improvement provides the required rhythm to the TAAP excellence journey.

Tata Affirmative Action Programme Award winners for 2014: Tata Steel and TRL Krosaki